Permission Error with REST API

Hello Community, I am new to ERPNEXT and I was playing with the integrated API. I can do almost all the CRUD, except the lists and filters. I have tried various forms seen here and elsewhere with no success.

I’m using Postman for the test.
Examples for filters:


Name is default and I want to add code column,

I want access to child table information for example the country.
For example:
with error 403 FORBIDDEN


I know RPC exists but I need it with API REST.

Not one works.

If someone could help I would appreciate it a lot


Very likely that the user you are querying from does not have permissions for the DocType “States”

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Hi @kOS,

I don’t know if you have been able to do this filtering. But I see in your filters are missing some quote " signs, particularly in the "=.
I see in the erpnext docs the example is using the doctype like the 2nd row.
But I tried the 3rd row also works.