Permission for view tasks under project?

Hi everyone
now i’m adding tasks in projects but every user in the project can see task name and the description form the expand arrow user will see the task name and details

how can i limit user to see only tasks assigned to him in project tasks ?

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Hey…use the User Permissions feature in the Role Permissions manager in Erpnext.

You can find an explanation here

Perhaps hiding Tasks table from Projects based on perm level will be more simpler.

For hiding Task documents itself, you can use standard permissions manager, with one of the link field in the Project as a criteria.

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Will this permission management and Doctype view rights improve (become simple) with the v11 release of user role management? Just trying to relate your comment with what future would look like.

hello umair
how to hide dashborad in project

A ‘hide dashboard’ search found this Hide Dashboard By Default