Permission issue and cant solve it

hi guys,
Am facing an issue with Version-13. am trying to access my welsite and when I type ipadress/all-products cant access any product.
Kindly note I have set some products to be viewed on website and when loged in and try to access the same page it goes without error and am able to see the items.
I have not changed the role permission manager at all. Kindly help…?
Here is the feedback am getting…

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Facing the same issues! Any help would be much appreciated!

allowing “Guest” user to “Read” only permission could solve the issue

thank you for your reply… Read only to which doctype?

Here are the steps that worked for me:

  1. Go to permission-manager
  2. Select Item Group as doctype, and Guest as role
  3. Add permission at level 0
  4. Select Customer Group as doctype, and Guest as role
  5. Add permission at level 0

Hopefully this will work for you too!

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Thank you very much this worked for me too.

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