Permission Issue - HR could not access to other employees

As you can see below, this HR Manager is restricted to only his staff. A HR Manager should have access to all employees in the company. I know we can work around it via User Permission but it is not a smart way; it is very cumbersome to do so for over 100 staff as well as every time a new staff is employed.

I believe this is one of the many cries for better permission system in ERPNext and to be honest, it is really frustrating to use.

P.S. I understand that the frappe team did their very best, but something has to be done… I see a lot of contributions from the community but most of them don’t get implemented.

That’s a work in progress for example Proposal to refactor user permission based on SAP's authorization object concept

@Raymond_Liew I agree that the current user permission structure is a bit confusing. But in this case, the simple way to resolve this for current and future permissions for the HR Manager is to delete the user permission for Employees for the user with HR Manager role. This way, both existing and new employees will be accessible by default to the HR Manager without creating user permissions for each employee.

Maybe so but recognize that arguably these are two distinct different roles. You must inform yourself and/or define precisely what role convention you use. For eg in your case define a second role HR Manager Company Staff?

edit: Note say this Employee with Leave Approver role should not be able to submit his own Leave Application!? - #2 by clarkej