Permission level stack and "Hide" feature for levels

I’ve been modifying the quotations template to suit for use by a regular Sales Executive. While I don’t him to access the “Sales Tax and Charges” section, I do want it to appear it in his print. I first Customised the form to “Hide” row 46 value. Which hid it from everyone. After reverting back I put perm level access to 1, then all was fine but it also removed it from being in the print for that SE.
In this instance I want SE’s that section hidden but printable and for perm level 1 users to be visible, editable plus printable.
Trying to move forward, two of points that worry me.

  • If the perm level access is stacked then assigning level 2 will give level 1 access to the SE

  • If its not stacked and I assign level 2 then all the other users loose access

Could I know what is the best way to overcome this situation. (if I can hide based on some criteria I would like to know the possible syntax to enter, I’m very loose on coding).

Using perm levels, we cannot control field printing logic. Perhaps you should create multiples print format for each purposes.

When I set Perm level 1 to “Sales Taxes and Charges”, why did it hid from the print view as well?