Permission level

i have issue when i use permission level in doctype like customer for employee level 0 can read only
and when i give a manger permission level 1 to read and write not delete by default delete and create included with manger user how can i set level to read and write only not for delete or create

These levels work when there are fields with different permission levels between 0 to 9. You can check.

In your case on Manager role, on Perm level zero, uncheck delete and create. that should do the job.

I advise you to first check are there are any fields on Perm Level 1. On Perm levels higher than 0, you can assign read and/or write permissions only. For providing basic access to the document and various other utilities (such as report, print, share email, etc.).

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thanks for ur idea but i did it nothing changed

this the case now nothing changed

I think I did not get your case.

You want to add permissions for manager, right ?

the scenario is i have item user i give him read item only but can’t see some field like item price
and manger have access to read item and price no delete but when i give him per level 1 become have ability to delete

i try something else change permission from doctype and didn’t work also

i didn’t get the idea when u write but it was the solution thanks alot