Permission on Private Files for Attach documents

On mail with attachments sometimes images and files are se to private or public
what define is a file is public or private in mails send to a email account defined as support mail

also wich permisión is necesary to support team to see private uploaded images on mail from a customer to a support address defined on ERPNext

Any help will be appreciate

User must be logged in to see private photos or files

Yes im logged but only with Support User role, after an incident was created from mail some files are mark as private


so my question is there is an specific role to let me see private images


if role has file read rights then user can access the file

I don’t know if this is precise but I’m guessing, whoever uploads and makes the files private in the first place can only see their private files and none else, regardless of role.

I am facing same issue, could you let us how to fix this

I have solved this by giving permission to communication module.