Permission to create documents but not write them

How I can assign to particular role the permission to create documents but not write them.
When I selected only the create permission, I can not complete the new document fields.

@Leticia_Reyes I don’t think that is possible out of the box. What is your use-case?

Thanks @rmehta. Good Morning, my use-case is the next:

I have a role called typist. I want that the users with this role only can create documents and once created can not be changed without the prior authorization of the administrator. After saving the document this user can only read it.

Easiest would be to give create and write and disallow using a custom script.

You can do it in a custom script

cur_frm.cscript.custom_refresh = function(doc) {
    if(user_roles.indexOf("your_role" != -1)){
         cur_frm.set_df_property("myfield", "read_only", doc.__islocal ? 0 : 1);
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Thanks @rmehta . It’s working.

@Leticia_Reyes you should thank @geekroot :slight_smile: