Permission to visualize Point of Sale shortcut


I want to know if there is a permission to see an specific shortcut, because I can se this shortcut with my admin account that I defined when configured ERP for the first time, but not with others. And this accounts can access to POS through the search bar. Any ideas?

Workspace with first Admin

Workspace with any other admin

Thats because workspace customisations are user-specific. When you created that shortcut, a personal workspace for that user was created. The workspaces of other users are not affected by this. This way every user can customise the look of his ERPNext instance individually.

Take a look in your Workspace List, you should find an entry called “Home-username”. User specific Workspaces can be identified by the field “For User”:

To make global changes to a Workspace, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a new Workspace
  2. Set “Extend Another Page” and select the Workspace you want to modify
  3. Make your adjustments and set the Workspace as “Is Default”

I am facing the same issue. Can anyone fix this issue?