PermissionError and Unknown column ‘column_name` in Rest-API with Child Table

I would like to select child-table by rest-API
I have tried two ways, but the result is errors:

  1. request the child table doctype itself:
    The request: https://xyz/api/resource/Sales Invoice Item
    The response:
    “exception”: “frappe.exceptions.PermissionError”,

  1. request the child-table field:
    the request: https://xyz/api/resource/Sales Invoice?fields=[“name”,“items”]
    the response:
    Unknown column ‘items’

Frappe Framework: v13.36.3 (version-13)

There is any solution or another way to select the child table by rest-API?
thank you in advance.

There is any updates?

add parent parameter, e.g
https://xyz/api/resource/Sales ](https://xyz/api/resource/Sales Invoice Item?parent="Sales Invoice"

of course I tried it but the result is
“exception”: “frappe.exceptions.PermissionError”,

with which login you are trying please check if that login has permission to Sales Invoice Doctype

the problem is not permission, the user has all permissions

You are trying to access child doctype I guess, not sure if those are allowed thru’ REST