Permissions based issues

Good day all,
I am really struggling here with some permissions and roles

I have created a new role R. I want users having that role to only be able to see customers with given price list and territory.

So in “User Permission Manager” I have assigned Price List A and Territory A for User A and similarly I have assigned Price List B and Territory B for User B.

Now on “Role Permission Manager”, I have ticked for both Customer the “Apply User Permissions” tickbox.

BUT it doesn’t work at all. Even if I tick the “Apply Permissions” tickbox, they can view all the customers, not just the one with the given territory and price list. At the moment, although User A is only able to create Customers from Territory A, he is able to see customer from Territory B as well (which should not be the case)

HOW can I achieve what I would like; that is: User A can only view, create, etc. customers for Territory A?

I have done with Purchase Receipt and Sales Invoices, and it works like a charm. But for some reason, there is an issue with Customer and Territory.

Thanks in advance for suggestions and comments. It is now 2 days that I am pulling my hairs with that!



Please check if there is another role assigned to these users which is bypassing permission on these role. That other role might not be having permission restrictions as defined for the said Roles.

When check “Apply User Permission” for these Roles, you should also define that restriction will be done based on Territory and Price List only. Also it will require you to define Territory and Price List in each Customer master. If value in this field is blank, then permission will not be applied on that document.

Hi Umair,
Thanks for the response.
Yes, there was other roles that were overriding my permissions (account user for instance). I had to take them out and then add permission for other doctypes for the things to work. It seems fine now.

Thanks also for the suggestion on the Customer master.