Permissions for Timesheets


I’m having problems setting up permissions for Timesheets, It seems to work, except users cannot add rows. Why is this? what access does the user need to be able to add rows?

Same issues - my guys can create a timesheet, but they can’t add an activity type within a row - same or different problem?

On permission side, is everything fine? Any errors on console? If yes, please put it here once, to get it solved or at least assure us that your and @theterriergroup a bug or what.

Kindly requested to put more efforts, to elaborate issue in depth, so the community can get their best possible resolution to you. You may report issues here: Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

The current permissions for Timesheet for the user group is;

Read, Write, Create, Submit, Cancel, Amend, Print, Email, Report, Export and Share.

There appears to be no error logs.