Permissions in Version 13

Has there been any change in permissions in ERPNext. The documents that users were able to view in version 12 are no longer visible to the users in version 13. Some time they can see the documents in the list view but when they click on the document, there is an error saying insufficient permission to read the document.
Kindly help to resolve the issue.


We had adjusted permissions for users as employees or companies in the Permissions Report. Simply deleted the line with Employee so that a user was able to see all, otherwise all is restricted, see discussion.

However, since v13 we observe that permissions are automatically reset again to be restrictive. Not sure when this happens, maybe at each login of that user, needs further investigation.

@Amit_Saxena go to role permission manager select doctype and role set permission.

Thanks @rasos. Won’t removing the line with Employee cause problem in HR and Payroll? Everyone would be able to see each others salary, salary slips etc.

Yes, HR information then gets transparent. This way all employees are also able to create timesheet reports per project (including time spent on projects from all employees). We do not use ERPnext for Payrolls (yet), but yes you should set permissions more granular then.