Permissions to show some sections of Employee Master to the Employee Role


I have checked through all the following
Employee Customized Form - All sections and fields have Perm Level of 0
Edit Doctype of Employee - All sections and fields have Perm Level of 0
Role Permission Manager for Employee

Still I’m not able to find how some sections are hidden in Employee master when an Employee Role logs in. Those sections are visible when HR User is logged.

Sections available to Employee Role

Sections available to HR User

What I realised is when you give the Employee Role a Write Permission to the Employee Master, all the sections appear

I would like to know where these permissions are set so that I can make some of the hidden sections Read-Only for the Employee.

i also have the same concern. is there any solutions for this

It’s not an issue but by design. Frappe hides fields when they are empty. So if all fields under a section are empty, it hides the section all together.

Hope this answers your question

i think hide or not hide we can set up, not all fields under a section are empty then it hides. Can you check again.