Personalize Welcome mail

anyone know how can i edit the Welcome Mail?



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I recognize that the template can be found here.
However, how can we edit/add a few more lines to it. Any ideas?

Thank you.

It’s HTML + Jinja2, just edit it

Hi @vjFaLk,

Awesome, will do that. But wondering - when we take in the next update for ERPNext, will it be overwritten? Would you advice that it is best practice way of editing that file?

Thank you.

Ah yes, editing the file directly will cause issues. I don’t think there is currently any ability to hook your own changes or make the welcome message editable.

I will suggest to send pull request for feature to configure welcome email from UI, like we have Standard Reply doctype



That would be great if welcome email can be edit from UI, then no need to redo previous changes.

Thank you.

Hello, is this feature enabled??