Petty cash account

i created a petty cash a ccount .

what i need to do is
we need to petty cash the Employees a gainst that Petty account

so i creat a Journal entry
and from party i can choose employee
but i got a messgae that party should be applicable only if the a ccount is recievable or payble
after my disccusion with accountant he told me that the petty cash is not a recivable or payble

so how we can make a transaction a gainst that a ccount ?

so i dont want to give it a type according to the accountant advice

what should i do ?.


Check this: Managing Imprest in ERPNext

Prakash H


you can keep ‘Account Type’ as "cash"and it will come inside “Cash -In-Hand”.
because “Petty cash Account” is Current Asset.

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Dear that mean if u have 1000 employee
u have to create 1000 account , one for each one

is it logic?

what i am seeking for is one a ccount which contain different transaction a gainst every employee

for example

party type -: employee
party -: employee name
account -: petty cash account

so that all employees will use same a ccount but the name only will be the distanguish factor,
without need to creat 1000 a ccount one for each.
am i right ?

Can this implementation is application on ERPNEXT v13?


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I am not sure, if this implementation is applicable in V13 after 6 years, but I will give it a try.