Phishing message - Outlook suspects ERPNext email unsafe so what to do?

Hey there.

We just started using ERPNext lately and so far we managed to optimize it and figure out every issue.
One little tho. When we are sending an e-mail if somebody opens it from Outlook for example the following massage apears on the top:

this might be a phishing message and is potentially unsafe

Can somebody explain why does this massage appears and moreover is there a solution for this issue.
Thank you.
You all have a great day!


A few questions

  1. Are you running ERPNext from your own server or the Hosted Version?
  2. Are you using a domain with the ERPNext instance that you are running?
  3. Are you using the servers mail server (postix or sendmail) without setting up proper email credentials.

Any email that is based on an IP withou Reverse DNS will be considered Phising by most mail servers.

A quick solution would be to use a mail service like Sendgrid or Mailgun.

Hope this helps.

Hey @saidsl
Thank you for the quick response.

  1. Yes we are using our own server.
  2. No, we are not using a domain.
  3. We are using our own mail server.

There is one little thing. Under every mail it appears the , Leave this conversation, option which has a link with our internal server IP? Could this be also a problem? We tried to disable this option but the massage wont disapear.

Yes it can contribute to the message appearing as a phishing email since its using the local IP range. However, the main issue as you have indicated is that you are not using a domain, which also means there is no Reverse DNS (rDNS) , as well as that you are using your own mail server.

Consider using a domain or as I mentioned above one of the Mail services (both offer free packages)

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Also try to add SPF and DKIM records to your mails…

Thanks for the suggestions @Riyas_Rawther @saidsl
Will see what can I do.
I will let you know if it works. :slight_smile: