Phone call entity

Is there in ERPNext the notion of a phone call ?

  • scheduling a call
  • logging a call content
  • timing a call (press start/end)
  • sip/voip triggering of call
  • sip/voip popup for incomming call reference to contact

(seen this in odoo, x2crm, sugar etc)
BTW: i haven’t even seen how to schedule future todo event entity from within an opportunity and linking the two -“call again in 2 days”

@testing_erpnext not directly but you can log call as “communication”

Set type as “Phone” in your email box.

Can create a new DocType for call logs and some simple script to use communication to store the log details. Should be quite easy to do

Sorry but I don’t get the options in the opportunity → add-comment popup window

I tried customizing the Opportunity form but not much luck there.
I would like the opportunity page to show at the bottom (log), stuff that’s in the “links” popup window and then some:

How do I get history of all communications including calls, SMS, scheduled calendar events AND quotes - hyperlinks to all quotes - all these should be in the timeline log at the bottom. sames as emails and comments

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I don’t think ERPNext by default has that feature, but can be quite easily customized. Can’t do it for you but you can try out your luck under Setup → Customize Form

uncheck “Sent as Email”,

You can also create a custom Form though.

I am facing the similar problem. Unable to use communication feature to register Phone calls / chat etc.

please help.

@dollar_singh please start a new thread with specifics of what you have found and tried.

Folks need a handle on where you are at and what to suggest…