Photos & Notes of Indonesia First Meetup in Jakarta

Dear Community,

We thank all participants who have attended this event, we cannot do it without all of you and the @baliboss Team .
We choose the topic of “Better Together” to kickstart this first such event in Indonesia, following the same topic of ERPNext Conference 2017 that will be held next month in Mumbai.

The vision of ERPNext Community in Indonesia that we hopefully want to achieve is summarised in two sentences: “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” and “If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together” (African Proverb).

Attendants, you may comments for today event what you get and give input for next events.

For Global ERPNext Community, hope the following coverage can encourage many of you to hold similar events. This initiative was given idea by Rushabh Mehta @rmehta and his vision and the great ERPNext product.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Lie (@tlie)
PT. Antusias Teknologi Mandiri

A total of 14 people attended this event, we originally planned 10AM - 12PM, turned out we finished at 16.00 :slight_smile: some people had to go before lunch time. Tagging @hokgt @AbdalAliy too

We thank especially for the willingness of a few experienced users to spend their time and share with us:

  1. Dimas Satya Lesmana (@cyberdee)
    PT. Centra Rekayasa Enviro

Dimas shared how ERPNext helps his Engineering business to manage 50+ employee so he can monitor his business from home. He has been a 2 years+ user and he showed how he could do a lot of self-customisation without even having programming knowledge or Python. He’s impressed with the support of Frappe team and the dynamics of the ERPNext global community.

2) Sebastian Widjaja (@Sebastian_Wijaya)

This is a surprise item of the event, turned out that Sebastian has been a long time user of ERPNext and he shared how ERPNext becomes a backbone platform for his e-commerce business integrating other services through API. He has an amazing knowledge of Web Technologies.

  1. Captions for the 3 photos above: The last but not the least are the Duo of PT. RSS who have been the frontrunners implementing ERPNext in Indonesia, having contributed a few things such as ‘Additional Cost’, Indonesian Translation, Chart of Accounts (COA Indonesia), etc.
    Ignatius Cuknoris (@komsel2228) &
    Antonius Andiyanto Tara (@tara_antonius)
    They talked about the most liked features in ERPNext, how ERPNext has helped businesses, customisations they made, introduced Rushabh Mehta as ERPNext founder & his culture, and their great experiences with the Frappe Team as they came to India to learn Developer Training, etc. They emphasised especially on the ways how we can contribute back to ERPNext: be active in helping problems in Forum, test & report bug / issues, give back code to core, contribute financially to the Foundation, etc.

If you’d like a summary of this event, you can have a look at the mind map that was shown by. If it is too small, you can download & zoom in.

Complete pictures can also be found in

For those of you who would like to join the Indonesian ERPNext community, so you will be notified for future events, you can join our meetup at


Thank you pak @tlie for hosting this initial meetup. It was an honour for me to share our experience with erpnext. I look forward to attend the next meetup, or perhaps we can schedule it in Sentul or Bandung next time hehehehe…

It’s a pleasure pa Dimas @cyberdee. Sure we can do it one day in Sentul or Bandung. Good idea :wink:

It seems like it was a great meetup and a lot of leadership.

Lets also plan a mini-conference sometime in 2018!


I would really be curious to know which services he has integrated!

Let’s hope @Sebastian_Wijaya would see this post and reply, but seems he’s not a frequent Forum user :slight_smile:

Now updated with 12 videos, sorry it’s in Indonesian. Maybe one day when @rmehta and team come to Indonesia, we can hold it in English :wink:

Check it out

Inspired a lot, I hope I will arrange a meet up in Bangladesh at November 1st week.