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Did anyone use: GitHub - gsnbng/FrappeClient-PHP: PHP Wrapper for ERPNext API or anything else?
I am busy designing my website in PHP, but need to know if i would be able to query and insert from and to ERPNext?

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Albertus Geyser

Have a look at these

You should be able to do most the of the stuff with ERPNext Website. Explore how to create portals using Frappe Framework…


Parth Joshi

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Thank you for your reply. I will also check into portals, but would like to keep separate as i want to create multiple websites getting info from one erpnext server.

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Happy to say i builded my own PHP Restapi Backend that works great.

As seen by screen shots the job opening shows on my website and when user upload his/her cv it will create a Job Applicant and add cv as attachment.

visit our website and see it for yourself:

Enjoy your day . . .

Good Day ERPNext enthusiasts.

Created another exiting part of our website where clients can login and have a dashboard with graphs and details about their Orders, Deliveries and Invoices.

This is not the end as i have allot of ideas and will implement those soon.

I am using ERPNext RestAPI with an PHP backend i designed to make queries easy to implement.

Thank you to Frappe for ERPNext.

Enjoy the images:


Orders Listing:

Order Details:

visit our website to see looks of rest of website:

Thank You

Albertus Geyser

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