ERPNext based Website examples

Can someone send few URLs of nicely made inspirational websites based on ERPNext.


Hi Deven,, will not win the beauty contest, or India’s Next Topmodel if that is also popular on the subcontinent…:smile:
One feature that is not documented…very clearly…!!!

One can use a more professional webeditor, or pages from an existing webpage, and just copy paste these in the editor.
Works flawless.
Eg: Dogs Love It - Literatuur studie Rauw Voeren has been made by just copy/pasting from our other website.
rgds robert


It’s only a suggestion, but Odoo web-builder module is open source and was created by a kickstarter. Maybe it could be adapted to ERPNext?

Self hosted, no modifications, using built in website module.

Edit: 2020 It is a static html now.



Can we see more of the web, even if its only images?

@javieralmancevo very pleasant main page. Can we have guest login? has been on erpnext since a while


Hi @rmehta,

When payment gateway can be expected? We would like to quickly switch over to ERPNext based ecomm website. Any demo available for shopify connector, if it may take time?

We are very keen to see a professionally well-designed website. is nice for contents. But, aesthetically lot of scope for improvement.

Great login page. Where can I get some background images like the it has?

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Very nice login page. It’s refreshing when you see that screen in the morning. Can you share the image file?


@ferohers Thanks and you are right. Even it is banned in our company and also mp4 videos cannot be downloaded.


IT can create exceptions in the firewall on certain web-sites.

Hi @jchakma,
I used parent label see picture

Thanks a lot it was real time saver.

This one is pretty neat!

Edit: This too


@revant_one @becht_robert I am not sure that is an erpnext based website! developed on the top of Frappe.