Physician report list

Dear Team,

I have created patients and appointment’s. Could you please any one help me how to see the each physician how many patients are booked on that day. how to find the individual consultation charges on report how to get it,

Please any one help on this issue.

Please post common discuss post, there you would get more support. I’m not an expert on healthcare, Sorry! i will excuse myself from this discussion. Thanks.

Please try Appointment Analytics report.

Other than this report, you can use the Appointment List / Calendar views and apply select the required Physician in the Standard Filter to see appointments for the physician. It’s also possible that you create a report from the Report Builder on the left hand pane with required fields.

Dear Akurungadam,

Iam able to seeing patient appointment list. if aim generating report its showing only patient id, physician and date , status , department. How in this report we want to see the each patients consultation fee which we booked to physician…for example if i selected DR Robert…in that physician want show report like patients and each patients consultation fee…Please help me akurungadam.