Pick List quantity changes?

If insufficient stock for a pick list on the system, the system changes ordered qty and picked qty to be same as stock qty. If there is no stock on the system it drops the line altogether from the pick list! If there is less items on the System stock, the system changes the required qty to “stock qty” Picker does not know that he/she is supposed to look for more!!

The problem arises when there is a timing difference between the purchase receipt and the pick slip, or there is just a mistake on the system stock??

I also cannot “reprint” pick slip for outstanding items on the sales order.

Goods are then not delivered because of an admin error?

“Allow negative stock” is set to yes.

System allows for Delivery note to go to negative stock, but not the pick list.

Is there any solution for this??

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same issue of pick for work order, not possible to pick the outstanding qty when the open to-be manufacturing qty is 0 due to previous partial pickup.

the fix is as following

program change the highlighted line to

if desire_to_transfer and desire_to_transfer <= pending_to_issue:

user operation

  1. from work order form view, click pickup button from dashboard
  2. now in pickup list, click New
  3. now in pickup form view, in popup dialog, input qty 0,click fetch items button
  4. system will auto fetch outstanding items to be picked

Hope the above case can give you some ideas how to fix your sales/delivery pickup issue.

Thank you. Much appreciated. Will see if i can apply similar to the sales/pick list issue.