Pie chart render issue

Hi everyone hope you all are doing well,

In dashboard when selecting half width for dashboard chart if the chart is type of pie or percentage then chart values are not rendered properly please see below image for reference

The above chart is of full width (all the values rendering properly )
And then bellow two charts are of half width ( strongly agree value is not rendered only 4 of them are rendered )

Any idea how to solve this ?


@himanshu_013 the card widget will only show the ones that can fit in the box . the chart can have even 50 label ,it’s not really important to show them all under the chart because you can move the mouse on the chart and labels will appear.
you can change charts css to make the box higher , they will automatically appear . start by inspecting elements , find out the box tax and it’s class. do some changes , if it works add the css permanently to the app .

Thanks for the reply actually i tried but none of them worked, any hint or an example would be very helpful

@himanshu_013 try to increase height for class frappe-chart