Pixel perfect print formats

There is usually a need to make a .html file for pre-printed forms so that the system can printout the form from the system directly.

What techniques do you all use to create the .html from .doc/.xlsx/.pdf.

Is there any html “painter” that would allow us to “draw” the pre-printed form and it would generated the html file fo rit which can be updated with jinja/js/john resig templating?

Any help will be appreciated.

Is it not the case that most browsers can open PDF files for immediate printing?

Personally I think PDF will remain the common denominator for printing for the foreseeable future, ie; most apps and docs export to PDF without effort, so converting PDF to HTML in order to print makes little sense to me.

I understand, though the situation is that print formats have to be in .html

The statutory documents are to be in same format and better to make complete replica of the .pdf or .doc to html and then put in jinja/js/john resig templating and get the print formation printed directly from the system.

The difficulty usually is in making the html from scratch and therefore a tool will be much more suitable.