Placeholder in ERPNext {{ customer_address }}

Hi guys,

is there a chance to get a information regarding the placeholders used for various custom templates like a maintenance or a invoice raised to a customer.

Basically I want to be able to customize all available printouts to fit our corporate identity. For that I would need to have a list available for the prints.

I have been looking everywhere…GitHub, Google…I just found legacy templates :blush: but not the correct ones :frowning: .

Thank you for your help.

The placeholders are field names in the form you are creating a format for. To see fieldnames, go to Setup > Customize > Customize Form and select your form (or child table) to see the fieldnames.

Thank you so much.
Don’t know why I did not find that earlier.

That helps me a lot!

By the way…please close this ticket :slight_smile: