Plaid free development service withdrawn on 20th June 2024

Just an FYI that Plaid have decided to discontinue their development environment in June '24, so bank transaction sync will no longer be possible unless you pay £1500 - £3500 per month for a production account.

I’ve looked around for alternatives specifically for the UK market and there are no cost-effective options in the tier 1 Open Banking providers. I did find a tier 2 provider called so have a module available if you’re interested.

Here’s their email:

Changes to our Development environment
Plaid will stop supporting its Development test environment by July 2024. If you have unused items in the Development environment, you’ll be provided with some credits to test in our Production environment in a limited capacity.
No action is required of you at this time.
What’s changing in 2024?
We’re working to provide developers and businesses with a simpler and more intuitive testing experience with Plaid’s products. As part of our work, we’ll be deprecating the Development test environment and introducing limited, free testing in our Production environment.
You can continue to test in the Development environment until we remove all existing Development items on June 20, 2024 .
Please share this information with your technical team, and stay tuned for more updates when we’re ready for you to begin testing in Production.

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