Plaid Settings missing Plaid Public Key

I’m try to figure out how to use plaid with ERPNext.

ERPNext is asking for Plaid Client ID, Plaid Secret and Plair public key

This key is not available anywhere so where should i find it? It’s a nice feature, but it would be better if it was working…

Check your Frappe/ERPNext version. If it is version 11, enter the details from site_config as stated in the documentation.

If you’re using version 12 or higher, the details can be entered in the settings page itself.

I mean, the plaid public key required by erpnext on v12 is not available on Plaid. Where should we find this info?
In my plaid account, I have access to client ID and secret

Plaid upgraded their API some time back, so the integration needs to be refactored:


I’ve created a Pull Request in an attempt to move the Plaid integration to the new API