Plaid use - canadian banks


I recently learned about PLAID as a possible solution.

I only want the bank reconciliation features, to download my transatcions.

I wrote to plaid and theyconfirmed that there are minimum contract accounts, andpay as you go.

They also said the pay as you go only costs $0.30 per month. This is the per month charge getting transactions for all my accounts at the same bank.

Can anyone else speak about their experience? I am tempted, but $0.30a month, seems lke something is a miss,or maybe it is just that easy.

Thanks for any feedback

It probably is as easy as 30 cents a month, maybe easier. Plaid is really designed for large deployments like, say, Quickbooks Online having one account with Plaid that handles all bank interactions for all Quickbooks Online customers, not really for a single instance of ERPNext.

I’m surprised they even want to mess with billing you. I contacted them a couple of years ago, and they gave me a developer login. With that, you have access to a sandbox environment, developer environment, and production environment. The developer environment has live keys that work with up to 100 bank accounts. The rep told me just to use that and it would function fine as I would never exceed that limit.

So in practice, once you have a login which will give you access to live keys in the developer environment, you can probably just use it for free and no one on their side will care.

Edit: I logged in and had a look at my Plaid dashboard. They never gave me access to the production environment after hearing about my use case (which is the same as yours). It seems for production access you have to fill out a questionnaire about your server’s security measures (and there may be other requirements I don’t see). If you were to simply request access to Plaid as a developer, you might could avoid additional hoops.