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At tüit GmbH we are now pushing our ERPNext implementation. As we are a small team and have limited resources this all takes quite some time. As I go I like to make tutorials and how some features in ERPNext work and where they link and join to. I have now finished a small tutorial on how to rename documents and I also get into the effect it takes. My tutorials tend to be “from a user perspective” and can surely be a big help to many. I have posted my first tutorial on a website of ours. At the moment the tutorial is only in german but I’ll be happy to translate it at a later point.

So I’m wondering whether there is a platform or sub-page of some sort where I can upload and share these tutorials to?

Please let me now and guide me in the right direction. Thanks!


A great way to contribute these tutorials might be through the Articles section of the user manuals. You can create pull requests on github:

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@wojosc looks great. feel free to add them at the user manual pages too, like @Ben_Cornwell_Mott has suggested.

@rmehta can you please open a manual next to the already existing german one? I suggest to call it IT-Services Company (German) for example. I wouldn’t want to mess up “CWT Connector & Wire Technology GmbH’s” existing one. Also it might be good to have different manuals for different trades as I figure that ERPNext can be used in so many different ways.

I think we can remove the CWT credit, it does feel odd considering we have not explicitly credited anyone else. @wojosc feel free to take lead.