Play Sound when item added to cart

I want to add an audible confirmation when an item is added to the cart in the PoS module. I know


will play the “chime” sound. Is there a JS hook I can use to trigger the sound upon successful addition to the cart?

Thank you!

Did you try to extend js pos code?

No I haven’t. New to this framework (frameworks in general), so still getting my feet wet.
I will look into extending the js pos code. Thanks for the direction.

I moved on to somehting else, and now coming back to this. When you say extend the pos js code, is that actually going in and modifying the existing js code in the erpnext app?

Yes, any customization to the POS need to be through the POS js code, so basically you will be changing core files

This feature should be part of the core. If you have already customized can you push it to the core as well?