Please add Serbian Latin Ijekavica


I was wondering if you could add “Srpski latinica ijekavica” to the list of languages and copy all the entries from Croatian (Hrvatski) to that language so that I (or anyone else) could edit it.

Are the two languages similar?

But those small differences are the ones that REALLY annoy both sides - that’s why we need two instances of basically (and i know this is going to hurt) the same language

Will do it.

What is the language code? (from List of ISO 639-1 codes - Wikipedia)

Don’t see ti :confused:

Just add Bosnian Bosnian language - Wikipedia and please copy all entries from Croatian.
That one is kinda “in the middle” :smile:

Just released a new version with Bosnian language. You can edit here, Not Found

Already started editing it :smile:
Thank you

There is a problem with the interface.
After “Add code as script” there is no other items under “A”.
Please look at the screenshot.

Fixed. Can you check now?

Everything is fine now, thank you!

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Is there a way to import what I translated so far in to ERPNext?

At the moment, you can do that only after we release. Maybe we can add
“download csv” option in the future.

It’s a MUST!
How else would I / we / the translators know if the translation is entirely correct?!
Can you please, please, please…please do it ASAP and explain how to upload the CSV?

If you have a running local system,
At the moment I am working towards v5 release, will take up translator portal issues after that.

Can you send my a file of what is translated so far in Bosnian language, so I don’t need to translate almost a 1000 lines again?
When are you planing to release v5?

Translator portal is at GitHub - frappe/translator: Translation Portal for Frappe, you can contribute features to it too.
v5 should be released by 1st March, preview at

Thank you very, very much!
Do these CSV’s get automatically updated as I translate on translator portal (Not Found)?
v5 first impression: Sans fonts in v4 is way better than Helvetica on v5 :confused:

No, exported one off for you

Looks good on a Mac, it should fallback to local Sans Serif on other systems which don’t have Helvetica installed (you can instruct font-config on your linux system to use Noto-Sans (the font in v4) to use as default for Sans Serif)

One of my employees continued to translate it after you exported so by now there is almost 1 500 lines already translated (almost 500 more than in those export CSV’s).
Is it too much trouble for you to export those CSV’s again in a couple of hours?
We want to make sure we covered everything and it is easier to translate using translator portal than in the CSV’s itself.

On a side note: I’m sorry but v4 looks much, much better than v5. If you only look at the landing page: