Please clear the selected Payment Terms Template

I have customers for which I defined a standard payment term.
However, everytime I create a new invoice and select one of those customers I get a message “Please clear the selected Payment Terms Template and Payment Schedule Table”. The message pops up everytime I change/choose another date for the invoice.

What does it mean? How to turn it off? Does it break the automatic creation of invoices through subscriptions?

System calculates due date based on Payment Terms, thus if you change the date system populates a message to change the payment terms.

Due date as per Payment Terms

Changed due date manually

Recieved a popup

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Just to understand it fully.

This message is like a notice: “Hey, your due date in your standard payment terms is different from the one that you entered/the system calculated, because you picked/typed it manually. Please clear selected Payment Terms Template in order to apply your different due date.”

Is that correct?

So the standard payment term due date is more senior than the one at the invoice top?


When you select payment terms, priority goes for Payment Terms


This isn’t the only case for this one.

This is also a bug explained in the following post :

Sorry guys I love this product BUT Payment Terms is retarded!! Its doesn’t work properly and once turned on its a nightmare to turn off. Very very very poor functionality