Please enter difference account

I am making a stock entry for the item .Upon saving the stock entry doctype it throws a message "Please enter Difference Amount "…Can anyone help me with what am i missing on …am i missing something while creating item ?

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I’m getting this as well. I have a new trial account and I’m creating my first part with a stock level of 5 and a value of €1.
How do I set up a Difference Account?

If I leave the value as blank and the stock level as blank I don’t get the error.

Hi thanks for the reply…i am trying to re-read the docs of user manual …hope i get some answers …please let me know in case you get to know something

Hey i think the solution lies in when we set up company …please don’t leave any field blank specially default expenses,default inventry account etc …fill the default value …i am still in middle of doing this but i think this is the probable solution …will ping you if i find anything else or if this solution works completely

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Make sure all the default accounts are setup in company before starting to upload/create any information. Go to Accounts> Company to fill it.

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Hey thanks for replying…i also said the same thing but wasn’t sure thanks for confirmation :grin:

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if the above post actually is the solution for your issue (doesn’t really matter whether someone gave it to you or you found it by own research) I recommend you mark it as the solution. This will help others when searching help for similar questions

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Thanks for reply
Sure, I just did it.


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Hi guys
Would it be possible for anyone to help me with batch number .

There is either some lack of understanding the document at my end or there is some imp step that i am missing ,hence i get error with batch number

It would be great if I could get a little input on it

Thanks in advance

are you sure this is related to the Issue of this Topic (difference Account)? If not (which I believe to be so) I’d strongly consider to open a new Topic on this matter.

I did already but got no replies :sweat:

Anyway will wait for someone to reply on the other post created for batch number