Please Explain Payment Entry Amount Logic

In version 12 when entering a new Payment Entry for money received from customer it does not pull open invoices like before nor does it show Get Outstanding Invoices button until a $ amount is entered under Paid Amount.

When Get Outstanding Invoices is performed, the Paid Amount entered is overwritten by the total of all invoices ‘gotten’. This forces the Paid Amount to be reentered.

If a Paid Amount has to be entered to proceed why overwrite it, just to make user type same digits in all over again.

Also why not automatically pull outstanding invoices as before and avoid the extra step of having to do it manually? The user is going to want to see ALL outstanding invoices anyway.

Can credits show up so that they can be used/applied as part of payment entry process rather than additional manual steps?


Fully agree, I am missing the auto-collect of open positions, this is used anyways. In many cases, the get invoices function (especially for suppliers) has a too narrow window, so now I first have to enter the date range to get the invoices. This is much less user friendly than before.

As for the amount, the overwriting of the amount from the open positions was an issue in earlier versions as well. What we have implemented is that if a payment entry comes directly from a bank statement (typically CAMT), there is a second field “CAMT amount”. Whenever the amount is changed, it is immediately overwritten again by the CAMT amount, as this is the actual amount the bank has transmitted…

Yes it’s a pain to use now. Please fix this.

Hi. This is a major issue for anyone accustomed to using standard accounting packages such as quickbooks, etc.
We are trying to use ERPNext and our accounting department is arguing that this strange logic is a show stopper for them. To enter a blind number into the “Paid Amount” first before you get to see and click the “Get Outstanding Invoice” button and then have to adjust/reenter the “Paid Amount” is quite different.

  1. Will this be fixed or will it remain this way?
  2. Is it better in the previous version 11?