Please help with translation


Could you please help me to add translations for this part
Website view - My Account - Project

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I tested it, it is not translating on for website. Can you please confirm it is happening only for website and raise a github issue for the same on Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Thanks for your answer, yes only for website;-)

Could you please also test this

Please create a github issue for this one as well, we will try to resolve it.

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Ok, thanks

For some translations I know files which should be fixed but I don’t know how to make pull request or something like this. I can write here files and lines. I hope it helps. I use
ERPNext: v7.1.27 Frappe Framework: v7.1.27

> code’s line/label/should be

                    +52/"CC & Standard Reply"/ __("CC & Standard Reply")


                code's line/label/should be
                +375/this.web_link = this.sidebar.add_user_action("See on Website"),/this.web_link = this.sidebar.add_user_action(__("See on Website"),


                 code's line/label/should be
                 +77/"My Account"/_("My Account")