Please need your urgent help. Lab test template issue in erp next

By mistakenly I was deleted lab test template list which is default one in production server of VM.

I have seen in deleted docs which I deleted. I couldn’t able to restore the file. it showing the error like a not in developer mode! set in sit.config…or create new custom Doc type.

I have lost all lab test items which I enter in lab test template. I have created a new template for lab test I couldn’t get the same setting which has the previous one, Please support me how to go back to the same settings.

Previously, when i create any test item in the lab test template it automatically creates an item list.

Now which I create a new doc of lab test template I couldn’t able to see like the previous one.

I was doing double time to an entity.

Please help me on this issue.

You should be able to reload that doctype with this command (but i don;t know the actual name)

bench reload-doctype “LabSOMETHINGorOther”