Please provide "Karma Points" to me and my staff

Hello Frappe Team

You are Awesome!

We are working on the Japanese Translation and we have found that we cannot edit fields that have already been verified.

Could you please provide 100 Karma Point to the users.

Ryder Saint
Tsutomu Mimori

As Japanese Translation Editors.

As there are mistakes in the book keeping area as Japanese is very specific in it business terms.

Kind regards
Ryder Saint


You might want to wait a couple of weeks for v5 - some strings will change.


you can skip the compliments :slight_smile:

Hello Rmehta

Their are now 4 people working on the Japanese I do not think it will stop.
V4 is getting very close to complete.

We will be happy to update V5 too.
Will the bench tool pull our translation work or do we need to update into another area for V5 ?

The compliments will not stop because your team is awesome really great work!
Kind regards

Ping @pdvyas to pull translations in v4.

Yeah, will be released today as minor release.

Would like to request the same for me.
Karma is still at 0, although I’m halfway through it all…

@gentle Done! Please check

Working properly. Thanks