Please share your experience with thermal printer on pos module

I am thinking to get some thermal printer for pos
Please share your experience with thermal printer on pos module .
Like printer model , benefits and difficulties on using with erpnext pos


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Recently we installed thermal printer for our client who is using ERPNext POS.

Printer model:
Epson TV88V (Ethernet jack) and also another Epson Thermal printern (USB)

Both printers work well with ERPNext, because printing in ERPNext / POS is basically just printing any document / pdf from the web browser. ERPNext even already has POS print format available so what you print already fit into the narrow & small receipt paper size.

But in today generation, printers are defined as classic printers (both above are classic) & cloud-ready printers. Cloud ready printers meaning that you can print easily from mobile in LAN network, or even you can print from internet outside your office. See Next-generation receipt printing - YouTube for cloud-ready / next generation printer such as TV-88VI.

If you only print POS from LAN and you have basic knowledge installing printer, then you shouldn’t have any problem using ERPNext with thermal printer.

The difficult part probably if you want to set the POS to print from mobile / tablet. My client actually wanted to get the TV-88VI (cloud), but the current model in Indonesia is only TV-88V (classic) so we need to set mobile printing via google cloud print, etc. So with classic we can still achieve it but with extra steps and sometimes not all mobile brand can do cloud print.

Good luck!

Conclusion, you can use any printer brand, doesn’t have to be Epson and any thermal printer works fine with ERPNext.


Thanks for your great suggestions.
Is it supporting auto cutting the paper.
Do you manage the kiosk printing .
Please advise

check out the posts by @bkm in this thread

yes paper auto cutting is automatic.
you just need to choose the right paper size.

Thanks ,

I just wondering how you can give the size , the length of page will varying according to the number of items in invoice .

Unfortunately, the way printing is handled in ERPNext does not allow for variable length receipts at this time. The system creates a PDF of everything that is to be printed and then sends the PDF to the selected printer. This forces the receipts into a sort of page format. It usually defaults to whatever the standard length of a piece of paper would be in your region. So longer receipts will break up into multiple pages. For this reason, I do not currently use printers with an automatic paper cutter. At least this way all of the items are on a single length of receipt paper. Otherwise, it might be hard to tell when an item was purchased if the item in question was on one of the middle pages of a multi-page receipt. How would you be sure the pages were part of the correct receipt? You should experiment with the paper cutter on long receipts and see if you are happy with the results. I was not, and chose to NOT have the paper cutter.

Hope this helps.


Having this issue myself for quite some time, now I found the solution (quite easy actually).

Per Epson TM-V88i, and TM-V20II manuals, both printers support direct printing from mobile, you just need to enable ePOS-Print API from the web interface.
Epson printers do even have some great features, such as printing from a printer, you could send a print order and the TM-V88i would queue it to other printers.

The turn around is how to setup the printers, as it have some twists, such as figuring out that Epson uses the subnet for managing the printer, as you can’t update the firmware if you are on another subnet and so on.

Epson manual (With sample code): TM-T20II - Software & Document - Thermal line Printer - Download - POS - Epson

So, I have little knowledge in Python & it’s frameworks and I have a use case that require this functionality. Who I should turn around to ?


Edit: I’m using the TM-V20ii Ethernet (not having a wifi, not having a Bluetooth)

can you plz share how can we enable printing epson m30 on ipad