Please speak during the videos

I clicked video after video which were not very long and had topics which interested me, but they are difficult for a new-comer to follow quite often, because of the lack of narration.

I thought perhaps the person who made many of them had a very poor accent or something, but when I finally found a lecture where he was speaking he spoke good English with a very normal Indian accent (I’m a Canadian native speaker of English).

Please, please speak during the demos, it adds a LOT to know Why, not only What. I do appreciate the lack of an electronica or heavy-metal soundtrack though! :slight_smile: Those never aid my concentration even when I like the music.


Hello @gemlog1,

Thank you for your comment. We will try to make our videos more interactive. Hope you found them useful. If you any queries or issues then post them on discuss and we will get back to you!

For better understanding of the product we often conduct Webinars. Please find our webinar videos on YouTube and do attend the up coming ones as we hold Q&A session to help you with your queries. :slight_smile:



Yes, I was wondering where the most recent one was archived? I got up at 3am my time to attend "
Developer Webinar on Creating Your Own App", but there was no audio because there is no cell service near my residence and that seemed to be required, so I gave up.