Please stop showing release notes to ALL users!

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It’s not very tidy to show release notes to ALL users after an update (same applies to notifications of new versions). It’s horrible UX for users in an admin office to log in and be faced with a message telling them about new changes in the Agriculture, Education, Non-Profit modules etc… These notifications should be limited to System Managers only at most

A global product like ERPNext should be concerned about User Experience. Please help fix this asap



Opened a Github Issue for this:





even further all module related items for non-selected items should not appear in any scenario. Example in customize form, modify print format, party type, etc. see extraneous stuff from education, agriculture, etc. add no value just overhead and confusion

Hi @tonto

I agree. Users should only see what they have access to! This is probably the worst UX problem in V12 and I already made a post and Github issue for the same

Users are confronted with so many modules and links to documents that they are not permitted to see and they keep asking why they have all this stuff on their screen!

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You can always hide all these modules from the user in the user settings.

@f_deryckel a hectic task if you have numerous users to manage. It will be a lot easier if the modules are hidden automatically based on user permissions as I think it was in v11 and earlier

Agree completely.

+1 …

+1… much needed

Our user base don’t mind this at all. They understand the nature of the project, and how updates work (and they are not technical people at all).

Taste is a relative thing, starting to brand the user experience as horrible and the worst problem frankly shows a gross under appreciation for the project. For goodness sake, if you don’t like it, change the code, or pay someone to do it, or submit a report, as @wale has done. The devs should not pander to your whims and fancies at a moments notice.


+1 Fully Agree!

@crafter and your point is ?

Over the years ERPNext has become what it is not just because of the considerable efforts of the programming team, but also the persistent feedback from the end users.

This feedback have always been presented in this format. No one is asking for pandering, this is feedback plain and simple. The core team can choose to evaluate it and take a decision.

Your comment is a bit …weird.



For reals…

We’re deploying ERPNext for a client in Mongolia, and every time there’s an update they’re like “What does accounting fix” mean in Mongolian…? What does “HR fix” mean in Mongolian…?

Best we’re doing is “it’s a dev-talk, don’t worry about it” lol.

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If a project like ERPNext has to succeed, it needs to engage with users more and make them aware of the open-source origins of the project.

When users are more empowered to raise issues, some of them may feel it worth their time to contribute to ERPNext by pushing a fix. The release notes are a good way to remind the users of the natures of the system.

However if it is very important to some users, there can be setting which disables this notifications for all users.


Hi @dhananjay

I’d have to disagree. Reminding users of the Open Source origins of the project has nothing to do with showing them Release Notes of stuff they have no business with! It only causes unnecessary distractions and a not-very-nice user experience. If however, there’s a switch provided, users can decide if they want to keep this funny behavior or not

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Lol! That’s funny

We are using the changelog function in our apps and we need the changelog to be shown to all users. If this behavior change, at least it should an opt-out options for the users.