Please tell me how to delete/hide these in project dashboard?


hi @shanigaram_kartheek

I had a similar requirement once and the only solution I found for such a customization is to edit specific the python file which I don’t like to do.

In your case, please check the file below:


You can use override_doctype_dashboards in to customize the dashboard

hi mujeerhashmi,

can you please tell me how can i do it ?

hello secA

can you send me the file… as i’m unable to open it

You should develop a custom app. In custom apps

override_doctype_dashboards = {
    "Project": "custom_app.utils.get_project_dashboard_data"

In custom_app/ define get_project_dashboard_data

def get_project_dashboard_data(data):
    for x in data['transactions']:
        if (x['label'] == 'Sales' or x['label'] == 'Material'):
    return data

I think @mujeerhashmi’s solution is better. These are server side customizations maybe you should get help from someone who knows what to do.

You will have issues during updating. Server-side customizations should be done in a custom app.

I believe you can remove these by editing the linked documents section in the Projects doctype? Just edit the doctype and near the end you’ll see the linked documents section