Pls Help - SMS Not Delivering even showing in SMS Log

My SMS not being delivered even after showing a message as shown in the below picture. The message shown in the SMS log but not delivering , please point out the possible solutions.

Just a silly question, have you registered the template with the DLT platform as well as sms api gateway provider assuming the use case scenario is india?

Yes. Interestingly we can get through the message by SMS API in the browser directly. Pls point out any solution.

Please help , SMS shown in SMS log List , tried multiple SMS Vendors but same issue message not hitting even at SMS Service Provider.

Hi @CA_B.C_Chechani

Encountering the same issue! Did you find any solution pls ?

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This workaround got us past the issue:

The field size issue because of the Data field has been already fixed through this PR fix: change field type Data to Small Text by bhavesh95863 · Pull Request #14273 · frappe/frappe · GitHub