[Plugin] Active Users

Hello everyone,

Long time ago I have read in the form a post from some user asking if there is a plugin that shows the current active users in Frappe/ERPNext so I checked and there wasn’t any.

Today, I would like to to share with you the plugin I created and tested, thanks to my great friend Monolithon.

Active ausers


  1. Go to Active Users Settings
  2. Check the Is Enabled box and set the desired Refresh Interval
  3. Choose the Roles and Users that you want the plugin to be visible to or hidden from

I hope that you find it useful.

Best regards

What’s new in v1.0.1:

  • Settings: Ability to enable/disable manual refresh in
  • Settings: Ability to add/remove the type of users being displayed
  • Function: Handle the online/offline status change of Frappe
  • Function: Display request errors in console if occurred


@bkm I believe you were one of the forum users interested in this?

Thanks @brian_pond
Yes, I am very interested in an app like this. However, this one does not appear to work correctly.

I installed in on my v13 server (ERPNext v13.11.1 Frappe v13.11.0) and it generates an annoying AttributeError every 45 to 60 seconds making the system useless. The error looks like this:


I have posted an issue at the GitHub site. We will see if anything turns up for making this work better.

While playing with this app, I did notice that some of the settings are only accessible to the Administrator user for the system, so this may NOT work out so well for those on Frappe Cloud.

Due to the AttributeError, I was never able to actually access a list of active users.


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I cannot even remove the app using the instructions from the developer.

I am going to rebuild my testing site and start over. I hate when stuff like this takes out a working site.

@kid1194 obviously still has some work to do on this.

This application is still in Alpha version, so I guess this is to be expected. Another reason I only use test sites for this kind of stuff.



@bkm I have tested the plugin in frappe v14 and there wasn’t any issue and I have checked its compatibility with frappe v13.20.0 and there wasn’t any problem…

Being unable to uninstall the plugin is something I didn’t expect to happen since that deleting the tables of doctypes from database and files from server is all that must be done…

I’m sorry that you have to go through all of this because of the plugin…

I have updated the plugin and added some data check measures in both, Python and JavaScript, and made the plugin terminate when any error raises…

Again, I’m sorry for the trouble that you had to go through with this plugin…


@brian_pond Just wanted to update you… (since it took down the same site I was testing our your new BTU app as well :upside_down_face: )
@kid1194 did some patch work to the github repo, so it may be fixed.

UInfortunately, I did not expect such a quick response and I tore down my test server and am rebuilding it already. If I get all of my other maintenance work done today, then I will go back and try this again.

Otherwise it may be tomorrow. Regardless, I am excited to find such a nice solution to viewing logged in ERPNext users. I am very hopeful to get this running. :grin:

BKM :sunglasses:


@bkm Where you able to try the latest update?
I want to know if the problem still exists of not…

Thanks in advance…

why is this happening to me @kid1194

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@KyleRobins I will check it now and fix the problem…


Thank you so much for reporting this bug

this happened to me too

@kid1194 @Mohamed_Almagory
Submitted a PR to fix this issue. :+1:

Looks good now in my local environment!


This is a beautiful contribution. But if I may ask, is it possible to add a feature to kick out an active user? If possible, this will greatly enhance the plugin’s use which I am sure many will benefit from.

@brian_pond Thanks a lot buddy for your contribution :grin:

I just want to announce that this plugin is now available in the marketplace…


Thanks. Can you give GitHub link?

@Muzzy Sure thing bro…