[Plugin] Alerts - For Frappe

Hello everyone…

I have created a small Frappe module that displays custom alerts to specific recipients after login. Although the plugin is still in the ALPHA stage, I thought of sharing it with you in order to know what do you think of it…

I have thought of such plugin that can be used for a lot of things such as announcements…

The alerts can be customized a lot in terms of colors, sound, timeout, etc… There are a lot of features that can be added to the plugin, but it all depends on its usefulness to you all…

I hope that some of you can give it a try, test it and provide me with feedback…

Is such plugin useful for you?
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I found it really useful.
I’ve created PR, there is an error installing the app, seems due a wrong operator.

Thanks a lot!

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That is very a useful feature and seems to be a nice improvement in comparison to the “Note” functionality:


@avc Thanks a lot bro for fixing my silly mistakes :grinning:

@Patrick.St I’m glad that it will be useful for you…

This is very useful. One question though, can you add a feature to send alerts based on certain conditions like User Role?

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@flexy2ky It is implemented already…

You can select specific roles and/or users as the alert recipients…

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Awesome!!! will try it out

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This sounds amazing to have alerts.

Now we need to understand what criterias are possible to generate such alert.