[Plugin] Frappe Better List View

Hello everyone,

When I was creating the Expenses Module, I wanted the list view for one of the doctypes to fetch some fields but I didn’t want those fields to be displayed in the list since I only wanted to use them to set the row indicator.

I couldn’t use the option add_fields in the list js file, inside the listview_settings since using it to fetch the fields will also display then in the list.

So in order to achieve what I wanted, I modified the list view JavaScript file and today I created a plugin that allows the following modifications:

  1. Setting additional fields to fetch without displaying their values
  2. Setting additional filters in the data query
  3. Setting the number of rows to display per page

I hope that this plugin turns to be useful for some or all of you.

Best regards


Is it possible to view the item stock levels in the list view as well? That would be a life saver for us since we have thousands of different components.

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@Caner_Alp The suggestion made by @TurkerTunali is great and can resolve your issue…

I just want to announce that this plugin is now available in the marketplace…


Dear everyone…

Has anyone faced any problem with the plugin? Someone reported a bug but I don’t think that it’s plugin related…

Please inform me if there is any problem…