[Plugin] Frappe Better Numerical Controls

Hello everyone,

As part of my Better Control plugins, I would like to introduce to you the latest plugin. It is simple but allows some options for customization like setting the minimum and maximum numbers allowed.

I hope that this plugin turns to be useful for some of you.

Best regards


It’s great!
But I would love to hear about what the plugins (other than this) trying to solve, how is it better than default frappe controls, instead of mention only how to install them.

What you are asking is on the github page

A small plugin for Frappe that adds the support of customizations to the numerical controls.

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as I mentioned in my post … other than this…
OP has several Frappe Plugins that may be useful to the whole community
I am willing to help expand the doc for all his plugins if needed

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@auliabismar If you would like to contribute to the documentation or anything else for this plugin or future projects, then I would be happy to give you access.

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