PO>> fetch price


Seems the very useful “fetch last price button” under the item table in a PO has disappeared. Hope it will be back soon

@becht_robert that is now automatic!

Not with me :slight_smile: Please fix if a small thing, it is a lot of work to type all these prices everytime, robert

or bring the “get prices botton back” Was very handy because it also indicated when to change sales price.

Maybe we can add a valuation rate in Sales Order / Delivery / Invoice

Hi Rushabh, do not see the link. I always follow PO,GRN, Invoice, Payment. 95% of our orders have been ordered before.
making the PO, * usually have the supplier Invoice and enter PO…Payment at the same time, aslo doing the bank transfer. If prices dont change this was always correctly fetched in the PO. Safes time. If a price was changed i would see this and could decide to change sales price.
You wrote me earlier that the fetching was now automatic, but that does not work. Po prices remain zero if i dont enter a value
rgds robert*

Sent a Pull Request to add “Last Purchase Rate” button again.


Hi Nabin, I am a cloud user. Is it than necessary to such a pull request??
rgds Robert

@becht_robert this was just FYI :smile: It will be fixed in the next release.

great, thanks, robert