PO to capture Brokerage % & auto create Invoice for Brokerage with Invoice for Goods


Mr. A is into Spices Trading business. He purchases material from the Auction market (market yard or Mandi) via authorized Brokerage agent in those markets. In the business of agro product, this is the common.

Transaction flow:

  1. Communication on emails first and then post entries into ERPNext. (Since the auction purchase is conditional & details not know in advance about Supplier, Price, Brokerage amount, Delivery date, etc… raising PO & then amending is does not make sense. The only thing know is quantity to be purchased.)
  2. When Purchase confirmation is received from Agent, PO in the name of Supplier-1 with his GST details is raised & then the rest of the transaction of Good received >> Payment.

Guidance needed:

  • While raising the PO on supplier-1 above, We have to capture info on Brokerage amount, brokers name into the PO. Then later when the PI is received and paid to Supplier-1, the applicable Brokerage to Agent is also to be paid. The agents work for Mr.A on daily basis, hence they send Brokerage Invoice as a statement once a month.

How do we capture info for Brokerage payable on the PI, and get a reminder notification at the time of making PI payment? I was thinking if something similar to Sales Commission for SI is available for buying, I could not find.

Did anyone manage such a workflow? Suggest the best approach to handle.

The bottom line is to save time in doing the entire transaction & reduce manual interventions to the least possible level.


@Pawan @revant_one @akurungadam - quick feedback, please

Is this something pre-exist now? Or any alternative/quick fix you might like to suggest.


I don’t think so it pre-exists. There is a discount field but not brokerage

You can add custom field for supplier & brokerage on PO and PI. Take report in the month-end and pay out brokerage. Hopefully this would work for your customer.

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