PO Tracking and shipping invoice

How to set the blow requirements in ERPNext?

The scenario is such as:

PO has created to an export supplier. The supplier will inform the shipment service provider whom we have authorised to track and shipping to be done.

  • PO Tracking and shipping invoice submitted by Service provider (SP).
  • Many POs’ goods are delivered by SP, and SP is providing credit to us and a monthly invoice is submitted by SP.

Tracking of SP shipments

  • Goods are collected by SP and the tracking number is provided
  • To update the tracking number against the PO (multiple tracking numbers may be possible for one PO)
  • Receive the goods and capture Material Receipt
  • Update the tracking number as provided by SP against the receipt

SP Invoices against shipments

The shipping charges for the consignments are invoiced to STIRA on a monthly basis

  • SP submit the invoice to us
  • While creating the Invoice, need to capture the tracking number
  • Map the tracking number with the one updated in receipt
  • Map the receipt with the respective purchase order

How to address the above scenario in ERPNext? Can I know please?

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What is the first that you learn the tracking number, the invoice from the SP? In other words at what step or in which ERPNext doctype might you enter the tracking number - the Purchase order would probably not be a good place as there could be more than one tracking number . Perhaps the Transporter section of Purchase Receipt could be customized to hold the tracking number?

Hi smino,

Thanks for your response!

The tracking number will be provided by the shipment service provider soon after collecting the goods from the manufacturer. This number will be shared to us for our reference and tracking purpose. Where would this be updated in ERPNext? Considering that this service provider will delivery multiple times in a month against multiple POs. The invoice from the SP means that the service provider will submit a single invoice against multiple delivers in a month for their shipment and delivery services.
That means, I need to release a Service Order to the service provider for the shipment and deliver the goods to our whorehouse and against the service orders and multiple deliveries, the provider will give us the monthly invoice which will have the tracking number and receipt number as our reference. All these requirements need to be addressed, how? without much customisation…

As per your explanation, if I mention the tracking number at the time of receipt of the goods then, I may have to track the shipment outside the system.

FYI, I am new to ERPNext and would like to address this scenario.

The transporter SP services can be ordered as needed using a Purchase Order. The manufacturer’s PO can be referenced in the comments or a custom field could be added .

The montly SP invoice should list tracking numbers of shipments. This can be compared with Purchase Receipts. A custom field for tracling number of the shipment could be added , as suggested above.

Tracking the whereabouts of shipments on a per PO, per Item basis in ERPNext would require larger scale customization.

Thanks for valuable suggestion and it is really a brilliant method. I have come out with a solution based on your way such as:

Great ! If you are really adventurous you could try integrating the DHL API into ERPNext !

Thanks smino for all conversations & let me explore on this side too!

I keep posting the topics again & again and will meet !

Hi @prakash-avu @smino
and thank you for your cooperation to solve such customization
i need your help i have nearly the same situation could you please help me and post full solution you did
please post step by step solution with .png
thank you

I need to launch a Service Order to the company provider for the shipment and deliver the goods to our whorehouse and in opposition to the carrier orders and multiple deliveries, the company will supply us the month-to-month bill so that you can have the tracking range and receipt wide variety as our reference.